LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG) Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in the LGBT+ Family & Games staff roles. Our organization relies heavily on volunteers to keep our communities safe, active, and fun. Please read the following before applying for one of the roles.

Community Team
This role is an important part of LFG – we rely on the community team to:

  • Greet New Members.
  • Help start up conversations in times when chat is slow.
  • Run events for members.
  • Advertise the community. 
  • Introduce members of the community to new features (like this website, our podcast, etc).

Our moderation team helps keep LFG safe from trolls. In addition to being responsible for everything the Community Team does, mods:

  • Help redirect conversations when things get heated.
  • Maintain an environment that is welcoming and safe for all members of LGBT+.
  • Must be over the age of 18.

Dev Team 
Our dev team is very new. This is a position for individuals who are technically inclined  and may be involved with:

  • Bot development (Yori or Custom).
  • Website(s).
  • Game Development.
  • Server Maintenance.

Also see our Content Creator program for ways to participate if you are interested in things like graphic design, video editing, and/or social media stuff.

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