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    Navi Ilivas

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    Hey Guys, Navi Here!

    Allow me to be among the first to welcome you to the LFG Forums! Things will continue to evolve here, and around the website as a whole, so keep on the lookout for any updates and happenings.

    Now, as for me and who the heck I am: Hi, I’m Navi Ilivas. What I do around LFG is Lead the Content Creation branch of our Staff, meaning I bring new streamers and youtubers into our Content Creation team, pitch new ideas for our youtube channel, and create livestreamed content. I also act as a mentor for our content creators, as well as find neat new opportunities for them to get involved with should they choose!

    Personally, I love rodents of any kind. Rats, Squirrels, mice… Not chipmunks though, they’re evil. I’m kind of the food and drink guy of the staff as well (Yeah, I’m a foodie.) I’m Genderfluid, and have a preference for female pronouns, though Neutral and Male pronouns don’t affect me in the slightest. You can commonly find me in discord as well, or live on my Twitch channel!

    Thank you for taking the time to check out the forums and this inaugural post here, and I hope you enjoy your time within the LFG community!

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