LGBT+ Family & Games Discord

LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG for Short) started out on Discord in 2016 as a small community called Gaymers. The original purpose of the community was to provide a place for LGBT+ gamers to meet and play games together online. After some time it became apparent that the name “Gaymers” was not inclusive enough to match the community, so the community leaders came up with a new name “LFG” which would stand for LGBT+ Family & Games. This was a nod towards our gaming roots while also expanding the scope and inclusivity of our online community. 

The purpose remained the same – to provide a fun and safe space for LGBT+ individuals to meet each other and share in their interests. 

Crisis Intervention

While LGBT+ Family & Games is a nonprofit organization, we are still not able to directly provide some much-needed resources directly to members. Instead, we help direct members in need of crisis intervention (help with suicidal ideation, self-harm, eating disorders, etc) to professional services like the Trevor Project and other local LGBT+ resources through our relationship with Center Link. In the future, with proper funding and infrastructure, we would love to consider offering more direct and timely assistance in these situations, however, in the meantime, we do all that we can to keep everyone safe.

Safety and Security

Our team is dedicated to providing LGBT+ individuals safe, yet open ways to connect. A team of volunteer moderators keeps the community safe from individuals wishing to do harm.