Community Team Application

Community Team Application

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  • You are reading this because you are interested in LGBT+ Family & Games Discord Community Team. The Community Team is new to the staff structure of LFG Some of the basic responsibilities of people who hold this role will be:

    • Welcoming new members into the community.
    • Assessing outside threats and alerting the Mod/Admin team when problems arise.
    • Assisting members with questions regarding the server.
    • Maintaining a positive and family friendly culture and environment in the community.
    • Engaging regularly in chat activity and promoting conversation.
    • Assisting in the growth and promotion of LFG (Advertising where appropriate).
    • Planning, attending, and/or running community events periodically.

    Because this role is essential to the overall health of our community we do have some requirements you should meet before applying:

    • We ignore all applicants with an extensive history of disciplinary action within the server. If mods/admin have had to have multiple discussions with you regarding your actions in LFG it is unlikely you will be considered.
    • Applications with poorly written replies or one sentence replies will be denied.
    • Be active within the server. While this application helps us gauge your interest and possible qualifications for the role we cannot make a decision to place someone in such a vital role in the community without seeing how you interact in the community without the role. If you have just joined the Discord this does not necessarily disqualify you from the position, however it may delay or postpone acceptance of your application.