Discord Community

LGBT+ Family & Games started under the name "Gaymer Discord" in November of 2016. The community was created for LGBT+ people to connect with each other to play videogames online. Over time the community grew and it became evident that the name "Gaymer" was not inclusive of all individuals and was changed to LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG). The new names, while being more inclusive, aslo was a nod to the gaming culture where LFG stands for "Looking for Group. 

As the community grew and more people shared their stories, it became evident that LFG was in a unique position to provide a lot of benefit to the LGBT+ community as a resource where LGBT+ individuals were spending their time. The community already provided spaces for people to discuss sexuality and gender identiy in a supportive environment. After two years of existing as a gaming community, LFG was established as a nonprofit organization to better server the LGBT+ community at large. 

Today, LFG has grown to over 3,000 members on Discord and continues to provide supportive environments for youth and adults to discuss LGBT+ related topics, network, seek support, and grow together.          


LGBT+ Gaming Servers

The roots of LGBT+ Family & Games is in gaming and gaming communities. As an organization we recognize the benefits that gaming can provide LGBT+ youth and young adults. Studies have shown therapeutic benefits from playing video games. The games allow individuals to exercise problem solving skills, develop teamwork, and also provide an escape from the troubles of day-to-day life.

Unfortunately, with online gaming there is exposure to “trolls” or individuals who treat others poorly over the internet. To combat trolls we provide free-to-play servers for many multiplayer games and ensure the servers are heavily moderated for troll-like behavior. These servers are always online and provide a safe space for LGBT+ to play without fear of judgement, harassment, or discrimination.

LGBT+ In Tech

Based 100% online since 2016, LGBT+ Family & Games leverages a number of technologies that require programming knowledge. From chat and moderation bots on Discord, websites, and gaming servers, there are many opportunities to provide learning opportunities for LGBT+ youth and young adults. Our more experienced volunteers partner with others wishing to learn more about programming to pass on their knowledge in real-life applications that we use to serve the community.

While this has been an unintended side-effect of our organization, LFG will begin developing more formal programs centered around providing LGBT+ individuals opportunities to learn about programming, server administration, web development, graphic design, and more.

LFG Content Creators

Part of the LGBT+ Family & Games mission is to provide personal and professional developmental opportunities. Our content creator programs are designed to nurture and grow LGBT+ channels. Content creation has become a viable form of income and also another outlet for LGBT+ individuals and so we have designed a program which helps promote new content creators and provide mentor opportunities for more established creators while also promoting their channels.

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